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The dentist and his family have moved in



The city is excited, the dentist and his family have moved in! My City : Dentist Visit is where you decide what happens and when. It is your story. Our new game brings lots of exciting new locations to play and explore. Your city will have a local Hair Salon, Supermarket and of course the dentist and his family home! Think of all the new things you could do within your city all the new locations, clothing and characters. Explore Being a dentist Experience the waiting room before entering the office, get your mouth X-rayed, be the doctor and help patients. Ever wondered what your dentist house looks like? his house is just next door waiting for you to come and explore. If you have other My City games then this game will connect to them allowing characters form other games to visit the dentist.


  • 6 Exciting locations - Dentist office, Dentist house, Local Hair Salon, Minimarket, Pizza and a Furniture store
  • 20 New characters including the dentist and his family!
  • The game connects to all other My City Games, All locations and characters will be available in other games you own
  • Furniture store will add more customization to My City Home
  • Free-Play stress-free games, Extremely high play time
  • No Ads or IAP in the game

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