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Have fun playing and working in your very own Car garage. Fix cars, keep them clean working in the car wash, visit the car dealership to get new cars and keep them fueled at the gas station. If you love cars then our latest My Town: cars is exactly the game for you.

*OVER 6,000,000 downloads worldwide by kids and parents*

Each day is a new adventure of imagination and exploration. The My Town: Cars doll house game gives you all you need to tell your story. From fixing and washing your car to buying and designing it. Once you have bought your car drive it over to the gas station. If you get a flat wheel on the way, or the car gets dirty do not worry. You can easily sort that out using one of the cool location at the gas station! The options are endless.

We have created a special and unique virtual town where kids can imagine, pretend play and interact with real life locations and situations. Our virtual dollhouse games are unique and loved because they allow complete freedom to play, they are stress free with no ads or IAP. Kids can play the game alone or together with a parent or friend.

*Our games are easy enough for 3 year old and exciting enough for 12 year olds*

You very own car world where you get to imagine and interact with over 400 items. Discover all the different locations nd hotspots. Control the car wash, work at the gas station, become a car sales man or work in the garage fixing cars and upgrading them with items from the store!

7 different location, 15 characters, 1 tow truck and endless amount of car upgrades
Car wash – Keep your car sparkling clean, activate the car wash, run the control panel, fillip soap and make sure every customer is happy!
Car garage – Broken engine? Flat tier or a nasty scratch. whatever the issue might be you can easily fix it in your car garage.
Gas station – Every car needs fuel right? keep the fuel pump going, make sure the convenient store has all it needs to service drivers as they come in
Car dealership – If you ever wanted to sell cars now is your chance. You very own car dealership is ready and open for business.

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